A day of adventure and action awaits on the beautiful island of GOZO! With SALYgames you will experience our islands in a whole new way. Playfully combine nature, history and people and slip into the role of a Secret Service agent, inspector, paparazzi, fashion designer, photo designer or even a rapper rock star. Or save the island in "SAVE GOZO!!!" - an exciting outdoor event game that will amaze you.

But our youngest adventurers also get their money's worth, discover the treasures of the island with "Save Gozy" and "Treasure Island Gozo" and experience exciting competitions, thrillers, ghosts, knowledge and puzzles. We offer you the perfect means of transport to get from one place to another and thus enjoy the island to the fullest.

A day on GOZO that will remain unforgettable and takes you to another world. Experience the perfect combination of adventure and discovery with SALYgames. Dare the adventure and discover the island in a new way. A day where you can slip into a role and live an unforgettable experience. Give it a try and experience a day of fun, action and adventure on the beautiful island of GOZO.

Gozo boat trip swimming iin the sea

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With our ideas, you become the winner of the day and a lot of fun.

Starting with 5 bucks only. Go alone or go with your Team. Compete with all the others, who are browsing on Gozo on the day.

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Start with the test game, so you can feel how it is working. Amazing. Hope to hear and see you as the Winner of the day, month and may be year. Join the fun.

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